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Red Apron

BoWorkwear is an eco-friendly apron company. Our goal is simple: make the most beautifully designed aprons made from organic and recycled fabrics, with nontoxic dyes. It's also so much better for the planet. 

One day, my best friend who is a spokesperson and chef in the food industry, asked me to design aprons for her. She is an advocate for organic foods and sustainable supply chains. To align with her core beliefs, I found the perfect fabric for her aprons and I made it with high craftsmanship so that they last a very long time. I realized then that there are millions of people who could benefit from this. Thus, BoWorkwear was born. 

Aprons within the hospitality industries are often made from cheaply made conventional fabric, dyed with toxic dyes, stain repellents and are often cleaned with toxic solvents.  

Aprons don't have to look and feel bad. They also don't have to be short-lived.

We're here to provide an alternative. 

Beautifully designed eco-friendly aprons that are in alignment with your core beliefs presents a powerful opportunity for your brand’s story and you feel good about it.

We believe it’s more than just an apron.

Build Organically with us!


Our Community
We are who we are because of the support of our community. 
Founder & Creative Director - Minna Kao 
Art Direction & Photography - Hsin Wang 
Logo Designer - Ryan Feerer
Video - Paul Heck 

Special thanks goes to business advisor extraordinaire Marla Ryan and our Brand Ambassador, Monti Carlo . 

Check out our YouTube channel for awesome BoWorkwear videos and upcoming features of cool AF people.





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