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Red Apron

BoWorkwear is an eco-friendly apron company. Our goal is simple: make the best apron on the planet, for the planet and the people who wear it. 

It's our job to look at the details. 

Aprons are a uniform that you wear on a daily basis. Whether if it's at work, in your kitchen, your workshop, or in front of a lot of people, your apron needs to last. 

That's why we tested and washed our fabrics over 30 times. We were very happy with the results and we think you will be too.

We actually count the stitch per inch. Have you ever had an apron where the stitches come loose? That's because the factory didn't pay attention to the stitch count. They made it as fast as possible to get them out to the store so they can sell these aprons with loose stitches. We don't do that. 

We also use thicker thread. It's all about balance. If we use heavier fabric, we use thicker thread, which is more durable to hold it together.

Uncomfortable aprons make a disgruntled you. Aprons are an added layer to a chef coat or a shirt. We made sure our aprons were made from cotton or a blend of cotton so that when you wear it, you don't have to sweat underneath non-breathable fabric. Interested in a custom apron? Click here for more info. 

Aprons are often made from cheaply made conventional fabric, dyed with toxic dyes, stain repellents and are often cleaned with toxic solvents.  You don't need that. That's why we only use certified organic and recycled fabric. 

Want to know more about why we do what we do? Click on the "Mission" link below. 

 We believe it’s more than just an apron.

Build Organically with us!


Our Community
We are who we are because of the support of our community. 
Founder & Creative Director - Minna Kao 
Art Direction & Photography - Hsin Wang 
Logo Designer - Ryan Feerer
Video - Paul Heck 

Special thanks goes to business advisor extraordinaire Marla Ryan and our Brand Ambassador, Monti Carlo . 

Check out our YouTube channel for awesome BoWorkwear videos and upcoming features of cool AF people.





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