Stain Repellent

Stain repellent in general contains Perfluorochemicals (PFC’s).  Sometimes they are called fluorocarbons. Scientists found the chemicals in the air we breathe, in our tap water, and that they were causing harm to animals. 

We know that it can be tough working in an industry that can get dirty, so we researched our best options. The way we see it, using a green stain repellent can give the workwear longer life and less washes.

We partnered with a patented water-,oil,and stain-repellency company that replaces the conventional polymer-based chemicals with particle-based green nanotechnology, reducing the use of flurochemicals by as much as 10 times. 

It was inspired by nature, using biomimicry, by truly simulating the natural water repellency in the microscopic roughness of a lotus leaf surface. Undetectable to human touch, the microscopic surface roughness of fabric treated with the green stain repellent allows water and oil to roll off the suurface. The water-based formulation is safe and environmentally friendly, reduces fluorocarbons by 6-10 times, but at the same time maintains the hand and feel of fabrics, and is permanent with excellent wash-durability.

Fabric that is treated with our stain repellent is also recyclable. 

Ice coffee on our stain repellent organic cotton fabric. Wiped right off without a mark!

Iced coffee on our stain repellent organic cotton fabric beaded up and wiped right off! 




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