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 When your employees are your brand ambassadors, it is important that they look good and feel good. We help your business by caring about our quality, design, and your brand. Our premium fabrics use non-toxic dyes, so your employees will feel comfortable, especially for those who are sensitive to conventional fabric & dyes.

What We Do

We add business logos to the aprons.We customize colors of the fabric, and we work with you to find the best apron design for your business. 

Contact us for bulk rates starting at 25 pieces. 

Need less than 25 pieces? 

We are happy to accommodate. Small businesses are our foundation. 


Who are some of our partners? 

Theresa works as a full-time sewing operator in the Garment District. She has her own studio in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where she cuts and sews BoWorkwear aprons.  

Eddie (AKA Fast Eddie) has worked in the Garment District for over 50 years. It seems like all of the old-school industry folks know him and rightly so. He's good. He attaches grommets and snaps to our aprons. 

Luz, Isabella, and crew add bar tacks to our aprons. They are the only business in the Garment District that does this so the wait time can sometimes be 45 minutes to an hour. To us, it's worth it, especially if it means secure pockets. 

Wendy is the production coordinator at the cleanest, most organized NY factory. No kidding. We trust this factory that also makes garments for Theory, Kith, Marchesa, and many more high-end brands. 

Justin is our go-to guy for embroidery service. He works with all the high-end designers (think Met Gala...ahem). We trust him quite a bit because our embroidery always comes out beautifully. During busy times, we also use George, an excellent embroiderer in Queens. 

Need more than 150 aprons at a lower price? 

We understand that Made In The USA comes with a cost.

Cost of living is much higher so labor costs are much higher. That's why we sought out a Fair Trade factory in India who can produce 150 aprons or more at a lower price. Although custom aprons is limited to our two pocket style (contact us for a photo), embroidered logos are always welcome. 

The benefits to this option is that the fabric is GOTs certified organic cotton canvas, that is sourced directly from organic cotton farmers in India. The living wage standard tends to be lower so the price of the aprons are lower. Since they are a Fair Trade factory, the quality of life is much better for the workers and their family. They are experts at making high quality aprons. Happy workers = great outcome.

Contact us for more information. 


We live in a fast paced world where we are conditioned to receive instantly. We get it. However, our company works a little differently. We want to ensure high quality, high craftsmanship, and happy customers. 

Our clients like to be a little different so each apron for each company is a little different. That is why we make all of our aprons from scratch. It's our specialty, our strength, and our commitment to make you the best apron in the world. 

15 pieces or less - 3-4 weeks

25 pieces or more - 4-6 weeks

Made in India - 9-12 weeks 

Contact us for more information. 






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