Turtle Totes for your apron and groceries!

Turtle Totes for your apron and groceries!

The Turtle Tote was created to encourage reuse instead of single-use, disposable plastic bags. It's a great introduction to reducing plastic bags in your life and an educational tool to teach children of the different sea turtle species. We like to bring our reusable bags to the farmer's market and put the big stuff in the tote while carrying the small stuff in the produce bag. We also carry books, our aprons and everything else. 

We chose to highlight sea turtles because we love them! They are extraordinary, gentle creatures that are endangered. 

Some amazing features that sea turtles have are that they are biofluorescent, they can travel all around the world, and keep the jelly fish population in tact -it is a source of food for them (as a side note: turtles mistaken plastic bags as jellyfish) . When it's time for them to nest, they're internal GPS bring them back to where they were born to lay their eggs. 

Today, 1 in 1000 sea turtles survive. They already had a slim chance due to land and sea predators and today we can add plastic (they mistaken it for food), climate change and boat propellers to the list. They are also losing their nesting grounds due to coastal development. 

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Sea Turtle5% of proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Wellfleet Bay's Sea Turtle Project.  We chose this organization because last November, about 600 cold stunned sea turtles were found at sea. Of them, about 340 were found alive. The nonprofit is hard at work to resuscitate and eventually take them back out to the warm seas. When it comes to reducing waste and reusing bags, every little bit counts. Not only are you helping to reduce plastic waste, but also reducing the energy and pollution caused by producing plastic bags. Sea turtles existed long before humans have, about 65 million years ago. Let's try to keep them around. 


About the Turtle Tote: 

Each BoBag™  (the canvas carrying tote) includes a BoBaglet™  (the produce bag) for your groceries, apron and supplies.

We thought it would be fun to introduce three species on the bag - the loggerhead, leatherback and hawksbill. 

1) Loggerhead - This turtle is most common in the east coast. They can grow to be around 300 lbs. 

2) Leatherback - This turtle is also most common in the east coast. Unlike the other species, they are actually warm-blooded. They can grow to be around 1500 lbs! 

3) Hawksbill - This turtle is smaller than the other two and can weigh up to 150 lbs. They have beautiful shells and are the first to be discovered as biofluorescent. 

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