The Berkshires Make - Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project

The Berkshires Make - Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project

Our very own Paul Heck produced an amazing event for Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Project. The event was all about "Making", so it was fitting that he wore a custom BoWorkwear apron with the embroidered words "The Berkshires Make".
36 tables were built on "The First Street Common" in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
The community was asked to send an email of how they would finish the sentence of
"The Berkshires Make"
Some responses included: 
The Berkshires Make Me Smile 
The Berkshires Make Refugees Feel Welcome 
The Berkshires Make A Place At The Table For All
We are so honored and proud to have Yo-Yo Ma himself to wear this apron to the farm-to-table dinner on August 9th at Hancock Shaker Village, and the Day of Action event on August 10th. 
If you would like to purchase one, please contact us at
Video description: Yo-Yo Ma plays a short song for his dinner guests while wearing  "The Berkshires Make" BoWorkwear apron. 
Yo-Yo Ma
Minna Kao

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