It's Okay To Not Be Perfect

It's Okay To Not Be Perfect

I'm currently writing this in Cape Cod, which I personally think is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The sunsets are amazing and the seals are everywhere. We love coming during off season so that we can have the beach to ourselves and be at one with nature. Before I came, I reached out the the Barnstable County Waste Management office because I compost my food waste and I didn't want to stop because I was on vacation. We were staying at a lodge right on the beach that is basically like a holiday apartment. We bring our groceries and necessities (including bedsheets and towels) and cook. 

Kari, who helped us at the Barnstable County Waste Management office was really nice, and she was happy to give us information on where we can compost. However, she accidentally gave us the wrong address to the compost center. 

We ended up at a different center that was half an hour away from where we were staying. When we arrived, the workers there told us that they do not accept any trash or compost from visitors, that we HAD to be a resident. I asked her "So that's it? I just throw my food waste in the trash?" She gave me this "I'm sorry" look and said, "Afraid so". I was confused what happened, and I told her we drove half an hour just to get here. She said that we can't be in the right county if it was that long of a drive. 

So, you can believe that I was a little upset because I did not want to leave my compost in the trash, one that I meticulously put aside in our freezer. We ended up leaving and I was boggled by the fact that they would rather me throw my food waste in the trash since I was not a resident. I had to let go of my annoyance and realize that they were simply doing their job, and that were the rules of that county. 

Luckily, I Googled the correct compost center, and my food waste went into the correct bin. 

Sometimes you just have to live and learn if you're trying to do things that go beyond the "normal" way of doing things and though it's not perfect, at least you're trying. Next time, we'll know, and next time, it will be easier. Next time, we'll drive a shorter distance too (my husband pointed that out)! 

I wanted to share this story because everyday, as I try to reduce waste, I encounter road blocks. I stress about it. Perhaps it's my mindset, and I'm so used to doing things one way, so when I start doing things another way, my brain just doesn't know how to function. 

It was the same for my company. 

I have researched so many different suppliers to support my goal to be 100% eco-friendly. I tried so many different fabrics, trims, labels, etc, and I've been annoyed many times more than trying to find a compost bin.  In the textile world, there are so many suppliers that don't even have that option. At least in Cape Cod, there are compost options. 

As a small and growing business owner, it's been a challenging path,and an amazing path. Had I not made the decision to just jumpstart this company, I would not have met the awesome change makers, the growing community of like-minded individuals, and the small business owners who I can connect with. Instead of feeling hopeless, I would think, " If they can do it, I can do it too". This has really helped me to adjust my brain by seeing options that I did not see before. 

So, my company may not be perfect, but that's okay. I don't think any company is perfect, but we're all doing the best we can to help make this world a better place. 




Minna Kao

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