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Hudson Jane, An American comfort-food restaurant in Brooklyn, New York

Last summer a sign appeared on the window of an empty corner storefront.  I walk by this corner everyday so this tiny sign of activity caught my eye. The sign said Hudson Jane, a restaurant, was coming soon.  

The space had been empty for so long, it seemed cursed or caught between high rents and low potential. But, seeing the sign raised my hopes for a new addition to the neighborhood.  Hopefully it would be another step forward for Myrtle (formerly Murder) Avenue.  Another step forward, from when I first moved here and Connecticut Muffin was my 
beacon of retail hope for the neighborhood.

Months passed and the space remained unchanged.  I stopped wondering about it. But, finally signs of life and light began to appear behind the brown papered over windows. It was a reminder to me to not be impatient with my own work starting a new company.  Things take time.

One Saturday morning we walked by and the paper was off the windows and the doors were wide open.  Without even realizing it I walked right in and introduced myself to Jen, who turned out to be one of the owners of HudsonJane.  I asked her if they needed aprons and she said they did.  

It was funny and surreal, as if she had been waiting all these months for me to walk in and ask her about aprons. I guess, in a way, she was.  

Jen was joined by her partner and wife Megan, who is the cooking half of the business and we had a spirited talk about what their vision for the restaurant, the kind of food and when they'd actually be open.  I was so excited I didn't even realize I had completely left my normal reticence and shyness on the sidewalk.    

Paul likes to poke fun at me, (pretty much all the time), but he was so proud of seeing me in action, even though my ecofriendly workwear didn't have a name, a website, any products or even any fabric.  But, what I did have was an intention and a promise to myself to realize my vision for this company......

Months ago I made up my mind that my new company is going to succeed and I'm going to work with great clients,. That's why I seized the moment and leapt into Hudson Jane, literally the first day they opened their doors.  They weren't open for business yet - and neither was I - but I wasn't going to let a little thing like that stop me...

By staying focused and working every day I learned - 'coming soon' can soon become 'NOW!' - Minna

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Music: "Mbumi" by Jujulele

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