How Baby Sea Turtles Changed Me

How Baby Sea Turtles Changed Me

Paul and I took time off this past summer and spent it by the beach in Palm Beach. Inspite of the red tide, which was intense in western Florida, we still walked on the beach. It was harder because of the more than usual algae that washed up, as well as a dead fish or two. One evening on the beach, I was having a deep and meaningful conversation about the existence of God. I wasn't certain if I could have unwavering faith in something I could not see or experience. Paul told me to look out for signs when I least expect them. I decided to sit on a beach chair and meditate while Paul went out to swim. When I opened my eyes, I looked down and saw a plastic bottle, which annoyed me. I saw something move at the corner of my eye, and lo and behold, it was a baby leatherback sea turtle, the size of three fingers. He was trying to climb out of the algae, but wasn't able to get out. I yelled for Paul, which he walked up and we contemplated on what to do. We decided to clear out the algae and so he had a path to the water. He seemed disoriented because they always look for the horizon when swimming out to sea. By this time, the sun was behind us. Fortunately, he finally made it to the water, and he'd poke his head up while he swam towards the deep sea. 

The very next day, Paul and I picked up two bags full of plastic trash that was washed ashore. I thought about our little buddy who can mistaken plastic for food. 

Coincidentally, the next day, we met "Friends of Palm Beach", a beach clean up crew who educated us on the types of plastic that gets washed ashore and eaten by sea animals. 

A couple of days after, we had a goal to wake up super early, and work the rest of the day from our computers. We did get up early and we did walk on the beach, but the unexpected happened. We saw a baby loggerhead, a sea turtle stuck in the algae. We helped him get to sea. As we walked along the shore, we found another, and another. It seems as if a nest hatched that night and these turtles were stuck, trying to get out of the foot high algae. The sun was rising so it became a race for time. We ended up spending a couple of hours more than expected, rescuing about 25 turtles. 

Seeing firsthand how these tiny creatures instinctively find their way out to sea is a miracle in itself. I felt as if the "signs" were given to me, and they changed me. 

Upon my return, I slowly and effectively began to reduce my personal waste. We started to do this prior to our trip, but now more than ever, I sensed the urgency after our experience. 

If there was any sign to be shown, it was to take care of our planet. It was also a sign that reinforced what I started at BoWorkwear is the right path. 




Minna Kao

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