BoWorkwear X Birch Coffee

BoWorkwear X Birch Coffee

Earlier this week, we delivered aprons to Birch Coffee. We could have shipped them, but chose to deliver them personally. Paul rode a bike with a full size, 80 lb. suitcase to the G train (I don't know how he did it). I took the bus. It was kind of a funny way to deliver aprons.... it was more eco-friendly, and as we grow, a reminder of our humble beginnings. I know that however we did it, the end result would have been the same - the aprons would have gotten there - the experience however, would have been different, and we preferred it this way.

Paul made it before me and he asked the two founders, Paul S. and Jeremy to try on the aprons for photos and they did! We knew this was a rare opportunity because owners are the busiest people around. We're full of gratitude.

Paul also took a photo of Marissa, who was working behind the counter. Doesn't she look great ?? 

On a side note: Since they went with BoWorkwear, they chose organic and recycled fabrics for their aprons. That means that they helped to keep 222 plastic bottles from landfills and saved 359,120 gallons of water by choosing organic cotton. This data is pulled from Textiles Exchange, comparing jeans made from conventional vs. organic cotton. The above numbers are approximate, and the yield and weight of a pair of jeans is comparable to one of our aprons.

Birch Coffee Birch Coffee

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