BoWorkwear X Ho Foods

BoWorkwear X Ho Foods

New York is the mecca of diverse culture and foods. We're privileged to be based in Brooklyn and to experience all that New York has to offer. 

Millennials are opening restaurants that celebrate their parent's roots. 

Ho Foods was founded by Richard Ho, a Taiwanese-American who was determined to open an authentic Taiwanese restaurant in the heart of the East Village. 

Rich uses locally sourced and high quality produce to cook in the 10 hour broth. 

Recently, he added a vegetarian dish, a sesame noodle soup dish. 

We were thrilled to make aprons for Rich. A restaurant that makes high quality dishes made with love deserve to have high quality aprons that were made with love. 

A man and a woman, both wearing a baseball cap and black aprons smile at the camera. The man holds a white bowl filled with beef noodle soup.

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